We are here to tell the truth, to be raw and vulnerable with you, to be a little rough around the edges, unfiltered, and emotional. We are women, but also bad ass mechanics, automotive hobbyists, and wrench-curious women. Woman And Machine is the idea that we are both powerful and capable, yet still have our imperfections.

This is a community built around supporting each and every woman who becomes a part of it, sharing our road maps to success, to give each other the tools needed to carve your own paths within this industry, and to hear authentic, unfiltered stories.

Our aim is to educate newcomers in the field, empower others to join, create this network as a resource, and encourage one another to reach our full potential and break through the glass ceiling while positively impacting the community.

- Faye, Alexis, Karen & Jasmine

Co-founders of Woman And Machine