Woman and machine: Spring Kickoff

March 18, 2018 - San Antonio, tx

The Woman And Machine Spring Kick-Off is a free Automotive Educational Event for women of all skill levels to learn about their cars from other women in a non-judgmental environment. It is also a place for female professionals to network with each other, and for automotive students to seek mentorship and guidance from those who are “rocking it” in the Automotive Industry.

The purpose of this event is to empower women, to educate those who are interested in learning more about their cars, and to encourage those who are interested in pursuing a career in automotive.

Women professionals from all across the country (from California to New Hampshire) will be flying in to San Antonio to share their knowledge. There will be free, hands-on workshops and demonstrations going on all afternoon, covering topics from:

·      how to change a spare tire

·      underhood basics

·      how to talk to a mechanic

·      cooling systems

·      brake systems

·      electrical systems

·      how transmissions work

All classes are beginner-level and designed to cater to women of all ages. There will also be booths set up, showcasing the many ways that women are involved in the automotive world, from: automotive journalists, to automotive artists, as well as a custom automotive upholstery company from right here in TX.

This event will take place Sunday, March 18th from Noon to 4pm* at Rene’s Executive Auto, 11134 Iota Dr. in San Antonio

*  Car show participants, those hosting workshops/demos/booths welcome at 10:30am for set up and staging

WHO can come?

All women, or female-identified people* interested in learning about cars and meeting the women who service them! It does not matter what realm of the industry you come from: if you are employed as a technician, auto body professional, automotive journalist, photographer, parts counterperson, service advisor; if you are a driver/drifter/racer; if you are an automotive student, automotive hobbyist, or just a wrench-curious lady who is interested in learning more about cars from other women, this is for you!

*Ladies traveling from afar are welcome to bring a “plus one” of any gender, but no single men will be admitted.

Woman And Machine Class Schedule

“Rosie Revs Transmissions” A look inside a manual gearbox

Instructed by: Mamie Jo, Automotive technician and student at St. Philips College, Skills USA Alum, San Antonio, TX
12:30 class, and ongoing demonstration, Booth J

“Fix it or Replace it?” An Examination of Body Shop Estimating

Instructed by: Angie Vanegas, Automotive refinish technician and Shop Class Teacher, San Antonio, TX

12:30, 1:30, & 2:30 Classes, ongoing demo table Booth I

“All’s Good Under Tha Hood” Underhood Basics

Co-Instructed by: Edith Huff, Automotive Technician, San Diego, CA and
Faye Hadley, Owner, Pistons & PixieDust, Canyon Lake, TX

1-2pm Booth D

“Cook up Your Tires” An Introduction to Drift Basics and Safe Tire Changes

Instructed by: Alexis Dabilis Owner: Drift Kitchen LLC, Nashua, NH

1- 1:30pm Booth C

“Ladies, Play it Cool!” An introduction to Automotive Cooling Systems

Instructed by: Jasmine “Audii” Lawrence Owner, Steelettos Garage, LLC Atlanta, GA

2:00 – 2:30 Class, ongoing demo Booth E

Introduction to Brake Systems

Instructed by: Christina Schneider, Hyundai Dealership Technician and Student Location: Palm Desert, CA

1 – 1:30PM    &    3- 3:30PM Booth F, Outside demonstration

"No More Discounts - Knowing what you're worth then add tax!"

Instructed by: Erikka Tiffani, Sales Manager at Audi, Marietta, GA

1:30 - 2:00pm, Booth M

How to work The Parts Department: Couponing, Price Matching, and getting the most out of your $$$

Instructed by: Sarah Tilton, Owner: Yes We Can Auto Repair, Austin, TX

Ongoing Demonstration, Booth L

“Sparky’s Playground” Electrical Basics

Instructed by: Faye Hadley, Owner: Pistons & PixieDust Auto Repair by Women, for Women, Canyon Lake, TX

3-4pm Booth D