Welcome to our Woman And Machine (WAM) City Ambassador Application and we sincerely thank you for your interest in wishing to become a representative for your location!

Please be sure that you thoroughly read our requirements for a representative and what is expected of you as well as our event timeline to be sure that you can commit to this.

To allow our events to continue growing and bringing it to other cities we need representatives to help us with navigating the location and your knowledge of the area. Aside from that you will have various responsibilities that will help us with allowing a Woman And Machine event to come to your state. Again, do not take this position lightly, we expect a lot where there is quite a bit that goes into these events to allow them to run smoothly and have our automotive classes be a success.

Ambassador Requirements:

 Must be a women, can be either an auto enthusiast or automotive professional with some standing in your community. For example, if you are an automotive enthusiast; what club(s), organization(s) or group(s) are you a part of?

We have further requirements depending on where you are in the industry, please see below:

IF A TECHNICIAN: you must have been in the industry at least 5 years, and outside of the lube-rack or express maintenance area or in an equivalent line of work. If you have found that moving past oil changes has not been possible we request that you submit any proof of moving up from a base-level position (i.e. you are brakes certified through Jiffy Lube or something equivalent)

  • must provide proof of experience (degrees, diplomas, resume, certifications, etc.)

IF A STUDENT: you must be in school or equivalent apprenticeship/graduated but only been in the industry up to 3 years and been actively working

  • must provide transcripts, letters of recommendation, etc.

IF A SHOP OWNER: you must have been a shop owner for at least 1 year

  • must provide Organizations you are affiliated with (i.e. SEMA Businesswomen’s Network, WIN, Women in Auto Car, etc.), EIN, number of employees at your shop, number of years you’ve been in business, etc.


  • must provide details, images, and video footage of past and current car/motorcycle projects, events you have been a part of, etc.

*having no event coordinating experience or having not participated in helping with putting on an event does not immediately disqualify you from being a possible ambassador

Ambassador Responsibilities:

  • must scout various locations for the event, we will want you to have various location options for us to peruse

  • must secure a certain amount of volunteers for the event in your area if our social media posts do not generate any leads (we will supply the amount of volunteers we are looking for)

  • must supply list of food trucks/caters for us to contact

  • must be able to generate interest in the Woman And Machine event (should be done through social media, physical event fliers being put out and by attending various other automotive events being hosted in the area to get the word out)

  • must be able to take in packages for Woman And Machine and keep them secure until the event (would be sending metal and other materials for various classes to you to keep secure until we arrive)

  • be our point person day of the event along with us (we must be able to count on you to help with various aspects of the event that day if we are preoccupied (i.e. teaching))

  • be able to send monthly/bi-weekly emails of progress and what you are looking into/goals achieved (timeline of emails would vary on where the timeline of the event is at)

WAM Ambassador Timeline (3).jpg


By filling out this form I recognize that my involvement in Woman And Machine is on a volunteer basis. I expect no financial compensation from the event or anything that comes out of the event, be it from damages due to normal wear and tear, royalties on photos or videos or the like. I recognize the benefit from hosting this event in my city, or at my location, and I also recognize the amount of work that is involved in being a major part of a huge event like this. I recognize the right of Woman And Machine to terminate this agreement at any time if any breeches in contract occur, or deadlines are not met.

Woman And Machine City Ambassador Application:

Name *
Please supply 3 professional contacts for character and work reference who we can contact. Aside from giving their names, please also give where the individual works, their phone number and email address
Please supply below a brief description of where you are in the automotive industry or as an enthusiast. Also, please give as much details on the items we are looking for. For some items, transcripts, resume, certifications, etc. we understand that you will need to scan and email those to us. You will need to have all those forms emailed to us prior to us doing a complete review of your application. If those items do not get to us, we will not review your application.
We are looking for: A natural leader, a motivated individual with a strong work ethic, someone in alignment with what Woman And Machine is, and willing to comply with our Code of Conduct
A leader A self-starter (won’t need to be babysat to get things done, can see or know the next steps for things to happen) Be able to follow our Code of Conduct
What is your business/group/club, and how will you use your affiliation with us to boost business/etc.? We want us coming to your City/State to help you in some way as our way of giving back to you for putting in the time being an Ambassador.
We need your help with promoting the event in your area. Will you be able to utilize your social media platforms to help get the word out and acquire volunteers to staff the event?

To proceed with becoming an Ambassador:

-must supply a resume

-must supply a short video of why you would be a good ambassador of Woman And Machine with the location and year you would want to host

Both of these items must be emailed directly to us at Woman And Machine after you have filled out the application form. Email us directly at info@womanandmachine.org and put in your subject line ‘Candidate for City Ambassador of Woman And Machine’. Failure to follow these directions may result in your application not being reviewed.