Are you interested in teaching at a Woman And Machine event? Thank you so much for your interest in this!!

Please fill out the form to your right completely BUT BEFORE YOU DO, read a little bit about our events if you're unfamiliar with them to make sure you and your class will work well at this event and be chosen where we can only accept so many per event.

Woman And Machine is an automotive educational company geared towards community development for female automotive enthusiasts. The event presents automotive based classes/demonstrations, a car/motorcycle show, vendors to purchase goods from, and plenty of time to network with teachers, women in similar roles, and female leaders within the industry.

The event is designed to develop a community and space for women interested in automotive and those already in the industry to learn and encourage more ladies to potentially look at automotive as a career path, have automotive become a hobby or give them knowledge to go into a repair shop/dealership and not feel intimidated. For this reason, classes and demos must be automotive related or be able to be applied to the automotive field (i.e. welding, basic car care, auto body, automotive painting, and so on).

Teacher acceptance is conditional until the terms and deadlines as outlined in this application are met. If terms or deadlines are not met or broken, we reserve the right to replace or cancel your class. We need to keep as much as possible to our deadlines to create and hosts events like these for planning purposes and sourcing of materials if need be.

We look forward to receiving your class proposal!

Important Dates to Remember:

Class Proposals Open: October 1, 2019

Class Proposals Close: November 15, 2019

Notification of Accepted and Declined Proposals: On or Before December 6, 2019

Presentation/Handout Submissions: On or before December 20, 2019  (or 2 weeks from Notification of Accepted Proposal)

Presentation/Handout Corrections: You may receive notes and suggestions for corrections once reviewed by us

Final Presentation Submissions: On or Before January 10, 2020

Once accepted as a teacher, we must receive your 
PowerPoint presentation and/or Handout(s) upon two weeks of acceptance for review.

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